Student Researches

Title of Researches


Growth and Yield of Pechay Chaism variety planted between Rambutan as affected by Organic fertilizers.

Mangante, Kimberly K.

Profitability of Pechay (Brassica rapa L.) variesties as intercropped with Rambutan.

Dagusen, Venus B.

Growth and Yield of Finger Pepper Intercropped with Biriba as affected by organic fertilizer.

Carlos, Ridel C.

Performance of outplanted Red Lauan (Shorea negrosensis Foxw.) as affected by frequency of Maintenance activities under DMMMSU-NLUC conditions.

Sison, Genesis S.

Growth and Survival of Ipil (Instia bijuga(colebr) O. Ktze) wildings as influenced by different potting media.

Tudayan, Abelyn T.

Spatial Distributio of Magrove Species in the Province of La Union.

Performance of Kamagong as affected by Biofertilizer under Nursery conditions.

Varietal Performance of Eggplant in an Alley cropping system.

Profability of Sweetpotato variesties in an Alley cropping system.

Performance of Chinose Cabbage (Brassica rapa pekenesis) in between Guayabano as affected by organic fertilizers.

Canillo, Renalyn M.

Padaco, Rose Marie

Delos Reyes, Melchor F. Jr.

Corpuz, John Paolo T.

Bondad, Hodnemer

Effect of different containers on the Growth and survival of Ipil (Instia bijuga) wildlings.

Growth and Yield of four Varieties of Tomato (Solanum lycopersium) intercropped with guayabano.

Abubo, Emily M.

Andrada, Lerma R.