Table 2. Researches Published by Faculty of IAWM in Refereed International Journals (2011-2012)   










1.    Ronald C. Estoque, Ria S. Estoque and Yuji MurayamaPrioritizing areas for rehabilitation by monitoring change in barangay-based vegetation cover

International Journal of Geo information (ISSN 2220-9964)

March 13, 2012

2.    Ronald C. Estoque and Yuji MurayamaExamining the potential impact of land usecover changes on the ecosystem services of Baguio city, the Philippines

International Journal of Applied Geography


3.    Ronald C. Estoque and Yuji MurayamaMeasuring sustainability based upon various perspectives a case study of a hill station in Southeast Asia

Tsukuba Geo environmental Science Volume 8

December 28, 2012

4.    Ronald C. Estoque and Yuji MurayamaSpatio-temporal urban land usecover change analysis in a hill station The case of Baguio City, Philippines

Procedia Social and Behavioral Science Volume 12


5.     5. Ronald C. Estoque and Yuji MurayamaCity Profile Baguio

Cities @ Science Direct Volume 30

June 17, 2011